Nameplates, Dials & Data Plates


Used in a variety of applications to inform others of who you are, equipment power output and schematic information to calibration requirements. Diversified Images’ nameplates are produced using quality screen printing, selective anodizing or metal photo processes. We have extensive knowledge of what materials and methods will best suit our customers’ needs. With an emphasis toward military, aerospace and industrial applications.

Laser Marking, Engraving and Nameplates

Laser marking and engraving terms are often used interchangeably, but there are many differences between marking, etching and engraving. Each process has its own attributes and one of our specialists can assist you in choosing the best marking method. In addition, many of our nameplates are built to withstand outdoor exposure up to 20 years. We cover all industries with the highest caliber of quality which meets or exceeds industry standards.